Josh Ramsay releases video for single, “Lady Mine” featuring Chad Kroeger

JUNO and SOCAN award-winning Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay released the stylish new video for his searing rock anthem “Lady Mine”. The track is the first single, off of Ramsay’s forthcoming debut solo album, and features Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

The video is a celebration of musicianship, drawing attention to the track’s bold instrumentation, with blazing guitars, a full horn section, and jaw-dropping vocals. Josh and Chad are rocking out in the center of a large studio space in such a way that it feels like they’re playing to each other, facing inwards in a circle-like formation that the camera covers from all angles.

The video was shot at the RGA Studio in Burnaby, BC, and was directed by Emma Higgins and produced by Sebastien Galina of Vancouver-based production company, Boldly.

“This song is so much fun. Making the video was even more fun. Just 2 hams, trying to make each other laugh. Once I heard both our vocals together, I thought we should’ve changed the title to, “the ballad of 2 chainsaws”, said Ramsay.

Check out the video for “Lady Mine” below, and stay up to date with Josh via his socials.

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