The Honeyrunners release new single, “Ghosts”

Canadian pop-rockers, The Honeyrunners have released their new single, “Ghosts” along with a video to accompany the track.

The track is a mashup of New Orleans second line and Neo-Pop. The music is rooted in a bouncy rhythm, stitched together by Southern slide guitar, stride piano, and horn blasts teasing listenersʼ sanity in a quilt of production that only grows more chaotic as the track rolls on.

“We write songs for the times we need them”, notes pianist and lead singer Dan Dwoskin, when asked about the insomnia-fueled lyrics of the track. “Ghosts is a song born out of stay-at-home anxiety, calling out the whispers in our head that keep us up at night.” Oh, you have those too? Itʼs common these days.

RecordinGhostat bassist Guillermo Subausteʼs Pacha Sound (Toronto) was a blessing for the band, taking the time to hone the mix the way they wanted it. Self-produced by Guillermo Subauste and Dan Dwoskin, the band was joined by a slew of local talent, including Canadian Soul-singer, Samantha Martin, who popped by the studio lending beauty and smoke to the dynamic chaos of the song.

The single is from the band’s recent album, Everything Is On Fire, which was released on October 22, 2021, and is the band’s first full-length album.

Dwoskin shares,

“This album evolved from a self-conscious look at our own fears and challenges, to an encompassing question of ʻwhat really matters in our lives right now?ʼ. Our hope is that this record will help people recover from this challenging moment in time, accepting the heartache and growth that has washed over us all collectively in the last two years.”

The band shares on the video,

“We gathered friends from some of the hardest hit industries of the pandemic – nurses, musicians, small business owners, filmmakers – and asked them to scream point blank into a camera. It was the perfect allegory for Ghosts, a song built around anxiety. It was a catharsis for them, and I hope it will be for the viewer as well.”

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with The Honeyrunners via their socials.

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