Lexxicon releases his Tropicon Islands novel and album

Toronto-based artist, author, and arts community leader, Lexxicon is making his literary debut with the release of Tropical Islands, his novel based on the title of his latest album.

The concept of the album is set in a fictional location and captures the many features and journeys that are weaved into a relationship. The novel offers a contrasting narrative that blends sci-fi futuristic murder mystery with suspense and romance.

Listen to the Tropical Islands album before diving into the book. The album was produced alongside Edmonton-based producer, Artafacts, to craft the layered sonic components and the storyline.

When talking about writing the book, Lexicon says:

“I have written shorter novels before in high school for myself, but I always wanted to have a book I made for everyone to read and enjoy, and I finally found the time to make that dream a reality. The writing process took about a year to get everything done. It kept me going during the times when I wasn’t creating music. Just seeing the final physical copy of the book makes me feel like I really accomplished something that I can look back on in a few years and still be proud of.”

Stay tuned for more live performances from Lexxicon in the new year including a Livestream for AfroWave on March 24, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. ET, as part of The Invincible Showcase, broadcasted via YouTube. Follow Lexxicon on social media for updates.

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