Alexis Lynn releases lyric video for Christmas single, “December Dreaming”

Canadian pop artist, Alexis Lynn has unveiled her new holiday single, “December Dreaming”, along with a lyric video to accompany the release.

Ethereal and lullaby-like, “December Dreaming” features soft, honeyed vocals over the familiar, comforting sound of Christmas-choir handbells. Like many of the best Christmas songs, it’s beautiful specifically because of its simplicity, and the lyrics take the listener through all the other seasons – the green of Spring in May, the golden glow of summer days, kicking up autumn leaves – with the Christmas spirit burning like a tiny ember.

In “December Dreaming,” Alexis Lynn wanted to spotlight how sometimes the anticipation of Christmas can be more magical than the day itself.

“It begs the thought if the longing is better than the actuality of the holiday,” she says. “I hope when you listen, it brings you all those magical Christmas feelings we feel near the holidays.”

The song is part of a larger meditation on Christmas, and a follow-up to the singer’s previous Christmas song “Christmas Cards” — which is a bit more critical of the winter holiday that can be so fraught for many of us.

“With ‘December Dreaming,’ I knew I wanted a soft, dreamy track that juxtaposed my last Christmas song, which points out the flaws of the holiday season and is a call-to-action type song,” Alexis Lynn shares. “I’m very much a person who wants to be aware of social and global issues and do what I can to help, but I also love Christmas and wanted a song to reflect that as well.”

Check out the lyric video for “December Dreaming” below, and stay up to date with Alexis via her socials.

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