Leanne Pearson releases ode to sassy cats everywhere in new single, “Caturday”

Multi-award-winning and chart-rising Canadian singer-songwriter Leanne Pearson pays tribute to the much-loved furry, four-legged friends that bring simplicity and joy to complicated modern lives with the release of this, her new single, “Caturday”.

Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or whatever… Every day is “Caturday” in Pearson’s lyrically layered world. Fun and folky with acoustic guitar and upbeat, lilting vocals, the sweet song about the special relationship is sung from the perspective of the cat-as-narrator.

Like any cat you could possibly know, this one is a bit of a smartass. Oh, and as a cat, it’s your right to follow your human into the bathroom, too — no place is off limits.

I may have four legs
But I got a brain
I could say it over and over again
While I lounge blocking your computer screen
Anywhere you look, I’m in between
None of your emails make sense
Because I walked all over them

Check out this fun, silly single below, and if you love cats as much as I do, I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it!

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