Review – Stefanie Parnell

EP: Modern Tragedy
Release Date: October 15, 2021
Genre: Indie Pop

Modern Tragedy is the Debut EP from Montreal-based artist Stefanie Parnell.

Themes of anxiety and depression have plagued us all in the past year and a half or so a percentage have turned to music as a way of coping. The story is woven through a short story of going through a depression and coming through the other side a new person. Musically it is a juxtaposition of depressing chords but positivity reigns in the end.

“Breathe” is the start of one’s anxieties where they are living a happy life then you fall into a never-ending hole of darkness.

“Through the night” is taking the steps to find your support system guiding you through the darkness as you overcome your deep dark thoughts.

“Your Friend” is a positive jaunty ditty about the protagonist leaving a past version of themselves, as the dark thoughts have been eradicated and find themselves in a new light.

Overall, it is a soundtrack to pump yourself up for when you are in a funk and want to beam with positive vibes.

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