Amanda Mae releases video for “Shoulda Known”

Canadian R&B artist Amanda Mae has unveiled her new single, “Shoulda Known”.

“Shoulda Known” is Amanda Mae in every sense possible… Providing a velvet listening experience for her growing fanbase, the song lays out a story of betrayal and contention in a relationship that started great — but ended flat on its face.

An all too familiar concept for those looking for love, Amanda Mae does an outstanding job of tapping into a sore subject with the ease and grace of a consoling friend late at night, sitting somewhere in a dive bar offering words of solace.

“The story is relatable and common-place for many women,” she shares. “A passionate relationship that I believed would be the romantic pinnacle of my dating life resulted in betrayal and infidelity.”

With lyrics like “broken hearts don’t bleed forever” and “yeah I learned my lesson, now you’re only fuel…” seek to add flame to the overall theme of disloyalty and resurgence that are ingrained in the Toronto-based songstress’ newest single.

Blending soul, R&B, and pop elements to craft this new single, Amanda Mae sought the production capacity of Toronto-based R&B hip-hop producer Rekkzone. Mae reflects on this long-term partnership with admiration, revealing how he “describes a soulful but gritty dark vibe to the beat that compliments the volatility of the relationship. Rekkzone dutifully took the song requirements and created a custom beat for the project.”

Working with Ayaz Virani to fine-tune the lyrics that resonate so deep with her adoring fanbase, Mae knew she had something special on her hands — something further confirmed in the stunning music video that accompanies the track.

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with Amanda Mae via her socials.

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