Collin Clowes releases new single, “Polaroid”

Ontario-based singer-songwriter Collin Clowes has unveiled his new single, “Polaroid” from his debut EP, Sleepy.

Persistence, along with a firm dedication to the music-making process, puts artist Collin Clowes in a league of his own. The production value and rhythmic polish on the EP are more characteristically associated with high-value teams of musicians and producers, not the debut of a single artist, and Clowes’ ear for pop melodies and multi-layered vocals reveal a sonic texture that is mature beyond its years.

The touching lyrics on “Polaroid” are a prominent example of Clowes’ ability to tell stories that extend far beyond the superficiality that seems central in the media.

“Take a look around tell me what is it you see,
Are there fragmented memories stained on your sleeves,
Or did I leave here way too soon?
You took a polaroid photograph to capture your past,
you carry it closer cause nothing really lasts now does it?”

The complexities of our memories and fondness for better days are elegantly expressed in melancholy sounds and lyrics that lend a sense of timelessness to the song. The thoughtfulness employed in every musical effort mirrors the perspective that Clowes carries in life. Every decision made on the EP exhibits exceptional depth and authenticity that’s welcoming and relatable.

This EP is dedicated to Clowes’ faithful companion and best friend — his dog, June. It’s said that when a person saves an animal, the reverse also happens; that was the case with his beloved June. Loved endlessly by Clowes, June was his biggest supporter aiding him through countless nights of toiling away throughout the production of Sleepy.

Check out “Polaroid” below, and stay up to date with Collin via his socials.

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