Madison Olds releases holiday single, “Christmas At Home”

Vancouver, BC-based pop singer-songwriter, Madison Olds has unveiled her newly minted holiday single, “Christmas At Home”.

The perfect duet for sipping hot toddies by the fire with friends, the song is in collaboration with Nearly York (Lucas Gienow); the pair paint a seasonal portrait epitomizing the joy found in hiding out at home, avoiding the crowds and holiday chaos — until the family arrives, that is!

Incorporating the jingling of sleigh bells, a Jason Mraz-sounding plucking vibe, and an up-tempo finger snap percussion, the song is a beautiful blend of Olds’ and Gienow’s gorgeous harmonizing vocals. Referencing ‘Grandpa Steve’ and poking jabs at Grandma and the reindeer incident,’ the cheerful, light-hearted track also features Olds’ father playing trumpet during the bridge — tying the family-friendly record together neatly with a bow.

“The song wasn’t originally about being stuck at home,” Olds reveals. “It was going to be a more classic angle before Lucas joked that sometimes, being amid the holiday chaos and trying to meet family expectations is very overwhelming, and there is peace and yuletide glee to be found in those quiet moments alone.

“This song was also born out of the idea that sometimes we forget we don’t all live those perfect ‘Hallmark movie’ Christmas moments, and that many people share Christmases with multiple families, or experience one alone, or endure complicated scenarios.

“It kind of also represents the thoughts from two different families and how they experience Christmas,” she adds.

Check out “Christmas At Home” below, and stay up to date with Madison via her socials.

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