Basement Revolver share latest single, “Tunnel Vision”

Indie band Basement Revolver‘s forthcoming new album, Embody, is one of friendship, of working out identity together and making deeply personal art. Set for release in 2022, the group have previously shared the singles “Skin” and “Transatlantic.”

Now, they follow with “Tunnel Vision,” a song very much about guitarist/vocalist Chrisy Hurn’s battle with bulimia and body dissatisfaction.

Chrisy Hurn shares,

“Eating disorders are – for lack of a better term – a mindfuck. Unfortunately, many aspects of pop culture confirm elements of EDs by focusing heavily on weight loss, fat phobia, and unrealistic beauty standards.

You know when you are swimming on the beach, and there are really really big waves, and one of them might knock you over, and before you can get up another one pounds you down, and you keep getting pounded wave after wave and you can’t get up and you think that you are going to die and you are gasping for air but you keep swallowing water? That is the feeling that I wanted to convey — just the absolute panic that I feel about food or my body.”

Check out the video for “Tunnel Vision” below, and stay up to date with Basement Revolver via their socials.

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