The All Canadian Soundclash releases video for “She Won’t Play Your Game”

Indie folk-rock outfit, The All Canadian Soundclash are back with a video for their new single, “She Won’t Play Your Game”.

The first single from the debut album, Better Late Than Never, the song is an uptempo number teeming with electricity that surges start to finish; the relentless energy of “She Won’t Play Your Game” is seamlessly intertwined with the positivity in the message.

The story is based on soulmates and the commitment that is shared between them take center stage in this supercharged love song; “She Won’t Play Your Game” is also a clear message that fate isn’t kind to those who take their partners for granted.

Inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s arthouse films of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the music video for “She Won’t Play Your Game” is meant to fuse strong visuals with the complex nature of loving relationships. Beautifully shot on the banks of the Ottawa river, an intimate portrait of companionship is captured through the unbreakable bond of the video’s two stars; the founder of The All Canadian Soundclash Andrew Michelin, and his wife, Julie. Much like Lennon and Ono, the real-life partnership assisted in achieving a more authentic feel to the project.

Watch the video below.

The long-awaited debut album by The All Canadian Soundclash, Better Late Than Never, was meticulously composed alongside award-winning producer and musician Dale Murray. Murray is the nephew of iconic Canadian singer/songwriter Anne Murray. He brings his expertise to the album, having played with some of the biggest Canadian acts like Buck 65, Joel Plaskett, and Matt Mays. Rounding out the band is Jordi Comstock, who keeps the band in time with his thunderous drumming. Give it a listen HERE.

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