Ron Kalmakoff releases video for new single, “Mother Nature”

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Kalmakoff addresses the urgent need for action on our planet, which is in crisis, due to climate change, and global warming, with his new single, “Mother Nature”.

From his newly released album, Nature the song features soaring instrumentation and a bold tapestry of male and female vocal harmonies, complete with the sound of late-‘60s light-rock ballads and conjuring a slowed-down 5th Dimension’s “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In.”

With lyrics like,

You’re not the only one/In this place, in this space/It’s not your universe,’ the message of “Mother Nature” is not one of the dawning of a bright new future — but rather an admonishment to those who don’t care, as well as a kind of prayer to Mother Earth for help, and possibly forgiveness.

Mother, Mother, Mother Nature
Mother, Mother, Mother Nature
We need you more, than we ever did before
We need you more

When writing the song, Kalmakoff shares he felt the weight of responsibility to future generations.

“Global warming, climate change, pollution, fires, floods, the need for clean water, creatures big and small disappearing from our planet: how to wrap some of these overwhelming issues in just a few words and only minutes of music?” he says. “As do many others, I feel the urgency — and I now worry for generations to come.”

Though the theme of nature and the planet is lush in this song, the new album Nature is a collage of Kalmakoff’s life experiences, from his childhood in Saskatchewan to now, living on the West Coast of Canada. It’s about the people he has known along the way, the artists he’s admired, and the beauty of Canada — all woven through the songs and the music.

Check out the video for “Mother Nature” below, and stay up to date with Ron via his socials.

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