JP Sunga releases video for new single, “Dirty Water”

Multi-award nominated Canadian singer-songwriter JP Sunga has unveiled his new single, “Dirty Water”.

“Many of us tend to collect, carry, and keep baggage as we journey through our lives from negative experiences we’ve endured,” JP Sunga shares, “and it can really start to wear us down mentally, emotionally and even physically…

“‘Dirty Water’ is about self-renewal; allowing oneself the courage to accept, and the strength to heal and progress from the hurt, burdens, and regrets of their past.”

In a full-circle moment, embracing the journey towards his own self-renewal is how “Dirty Water” came to be.

“Dirty Water” features  an interwoven message of courage and self-renewal, JP Sunga sought to deliver strength to his listeners: “strength to heal and progress from the hurt, burdens, and regrets of their past.”

The single features an eruption of texture and harmonies that pair perfectly with the explosion of joyful voices that are featured in the background. With the help of US-based gospel vocal group, STEMS Music, alternative soul singer-songwriter JP Sunga is able to deliver a mini-pop-opera that is as riveting as it is thunderous.

The music video that accompanies the release expertly outlines the internal struggle of moving forward, and you are graced with a truly remarkable experience. Beyond his innate ability for performance, the Toronto-born, Waterloo-based artist has found success in the scene accompanied by critical acclaim for visual storytelling; the music videos that pair with most of Sunga’s releases have landed this emerging artist several Canadian Independent Music Video Award nominations.

Check out the video for “Dirty Water” below, and stay up to date with JP via his socials.

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