Hot Mondy releases new single, “Vampire”

Canadian country rock quintet, Hot Mondy has unveiled their new single, “Vampire”, along with a music video to accompany the release.

Three singles and videos into the reveal of their debut EP Pale Embers, we’ve come to not only expect the unexpected but be delighted by it from this Halifax-based band of five outlaw country-loving musicians and friends. And as a tempting slice of country-noir, “Vampire” continues Hot Mondy’s newly minted tradition of creating music that is both respectfully nostalgic and unapologetically modern.

Following up “Pale Ember”, the band’s dramatic, epic debut single lamenting a burned-out romance, and their second release, “Desert Moonlight”, a roadhouse rockin’ tale of an all-night bagman, Hot Mondy has placed their collective finger directly on the pulse of pure country with “Vampire.” Like “Happy Trails” leading you through a haunted forest, the lyrics and video for “Vampire” take a darker turn than the music might have you expect.

“Blind to some folks
Casting no shadow
Feeding on my empathy for all of your sorrows”

A captivating, cautionary tale of innocence falling prey to dark desires, Hot Mondy’s video for “Vampire” was directed by notable filmmaker Brad Tobler of Imagine That Films (Stranger Things). The band has partnered up with Tobler to create videos for every song on their 6-song EP, aiming for a full visual album to complement their debut. In the clip, Marnee McLellan shines in her eat-your-heart-out lead role as a glamorous, blood-sucking babe who lures an unsuspecting gentleman caller (Tyler Phillips) to her living — or rather, dying — room before she feasts on his misfortune. Then, she retires to her coffin to sleep it off from dawn to dusk.

The group is still set to unveil three more singles and videos approximately every four to six weeks until their full EP is released.

Check out “Vampire” below, and stay up to date with Hot Mondy via their socials.

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