Review – Megan Nash

Album: Soft Focus Futures
Release Date: November 3, 2021
Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Soft Focus Futures is the sophomore release from Saskatchewan-based artist Megan Nash.

Built around lush soundscapes with a mixture of soft and upbeat instrumentation This album tells the story of describing a failed relationship while looking at how to pick yourself up following the aftermath that has befallen the heartbreak in question.

Stand-out tracks for me include “Quiet”, “Table For One”, and “Room 804”.

“Table for One” features a lone sparse guitar strum that sets the scene for the downfall of the relationship.

“Quiet” is a melancholic workout jam with a driving bassline,  dreamy synths, and guitars. The character blames herself that the relationship didn’t work out. It’s a juxtaposition of upbeat sounds mixed with a sense of sadness.

“Room 804” has a jazz club-type feeling with sounds of chill jazz guitar mixed with what sounds like a type of percussion instrument. Carrying on from the previous tracks, the downfall of the relationship has set in and you just want to get away. You debate whether to stay with your partner while carving out a space to potentially find someone else as the reprise to ‘Table for One” suggests.

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