Long Winter announces festival & music conference at the end of the month!

Long Winter is pleased to announce the second part of its co-production with Paris, France presenter La Station – Gare des Mines. Together Apart is a first-ever festival and conference to connect DIY communities in international collaboration and exchange. November 26 and 27 events include live shows in Paris and Toronto, international panels, a research conference focused on DIY spaces, and local workshops to build inter-collective capacity.

The bi-city artistic program includes two nights of multi-venue live music and art at St. Anne’s church (Dundas West) in Toronto and an IRL / URL cross-stream virtual party, with back-to-back sets by DJs in Paris and Toronto,   co-produced with Collectif Ascidiacea and  Club Quarantine. Featured artists include leading techno-industrial duo Orphx (Hamilton), experimental jazz pop band Bernice, electronic producer and vocalist New Chance, post-punk electro-noise act Odonis Odonis, Afro-fusion multidisciplinary artist Asuquomo (Ottawa), a dance party by ISO Radio, and more. Co-curators include Strangewaves (Hamilton), Debaser (Ottawa), Unit 2, Not Dead Yet, Sou Sou, amongst others listed below.

Two days of conferences and workshops will bridge DIY and underground communities across Ontario and France, and offer cross-sector dialogue between local presenters, international urban planners and policy makers. Topics include equitable trade routes, sustaining DIY spaces (The Vera Project, Seattle), multi-space networked models (Trans European Halles), local resource sharing platforms, building a career path from the DIY hip hop scene, and more.

Nov 26 – MUSIC
Odonis Odonis
Shn Shn (Strangewaves)
Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band
Del Stephen
Ace Dillinger (ISO Radio)
Rafael Khan (ISO Radio)
Sofia Fly (ISO Radio)
Not Dead Yet
+More TBA
Location: St. Anne’s Anglican Church – Parish Hall (651 Dufferin) + Church (270 Gladstone Ave)
Format: IRL and virtual
Tickets: https://www.ticketscene.ca/events/39049/

Nov 27 – MUSIC
Asuquomo (Debaser)
Karim Olen Ash (Club Quarantine)
Savannah Taylor (Unit 2)
New Chance
Ceréna (Club Quarantine)
Tica Holiday (Sou Sou)
Blackwinterwells (Club Quarantine)
Jelz (Raging 20s)
Play Girl (Raging 20s)
Kappa Mezu (Raging 20s)
+More TBA
Location: St. Anne’s Anglican Church – Parish Hall (651 Dufferin) + Church (270 Gladstone Ave) x La Station – Gare des Mines (Paris)
Format: IRL and virtual
Tickets: https://www.ticketscene.ca/events/39051/

Nov 26-27 – ART
Collectif Ascidiacea 
Simon Fuh
Karl Skene
Fezz Stenton
Nicole Decsey
Heran Genene
Sarah Boo
Florence Yee
Kofi Oduro
Guillaume Pascale
Helmut Smits
Julie Reich
Ivy Studios
Poster, filters, illustrations by Fion Liu
Tickets and information: toronto.paris and torontolongwinter.com.

Date: Nov 26 – DIY city + space conferences with Together Apart Conference, ADAIR and more
Location: Lula Lounge and St. Anne’s (Toronto) x La Station (Paris)
Format: live and virtual
Registration: https://bit.ly/2ZVHkde

Date: Saturday, 27 November – DIY music scenes conference, local Toronto workshops (Ontario x France)
Location: St. Anne’s (Toronto) x La Station (Paris)
Format: live and virtual
Registration: https://bit.ly/3BM6Izm
With Music OntarioXpace, collectives across Ontario, more
*PLUS Long Night with Vish Khanna* / DIY scenes docs and zines.

Virtual stream; venue accessibility: The majority of programming (concerts and conference panels) will be available for international access online, through Long Winter TV and the Together Apart conference platform.

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