Carmen Braden releases video for new single, “The Mind is Wild”

Multi-award-winning contemporary composer and singer/songwriter Carmen Braden has released her album, Seed Songs, along with her new single, “The Mind Is Wild”.

With previously unveiled singles “Kick Kick” and “Menu” landing prior to release, the 18-song collection opens with “The Mind is Wild” — a spacious and rich journey into how we as humans internalize and connect to our environment.

“The first lyric reveals that ‘the wilderness is just a state of mind,’” Braden offers, adding, “this is from a realization that I carry the influence of the space, the cold, and the gentle pace of my northern home within me, no matter where I am.

“Producing ‘The Mind is Wild’ in the close-living situation of that first fall and winter of the pandemic brought a renewed appreciation for the experience of ‘wilderness,’ even if it’s on the inside.”

The pandemic would serve as a springboard for more than just this one song’s inspiration, she reveals. Given how the album’s inspiration was gleaned somewhere between the ebb and flow of navigating Covid, the tangible construction of the album also presented a creative curveball, given social restrictions.

“I worked through the writing and recording of Seed Songs all by distance from my home in Yellowknife with my friend and producer Mark Adam in Nova Scotia,” Braden recalls of the process. “Working that way meant I brought the music to life with Mark in ways I hadn’t done before.

“Mark encouraged me to embrace the rough while not sacrificing the concise. I also used instruments and technologies that were new for me — guitars, synthesizers… This brought a process of freedom and exploration to the recording process.”

Check out the video for “The Mind Is Wild” below, and stay up to date with Carmen via her socials.

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