Zach’s Picks Of The Week – November 8 – 13

Hello and welcome back for another Music Monday full of new music and fun! I hope whoever is reading this is enjoying their day and smiling through it all. But this is going to be my list of recommendations from this website Canadian Beats, It’s called Zach’s Picks Of The Week. These are posts and articles that were done by our incredible authors, who work tirelessly to give you music all the time. So please do us a favour and yourself by checking out all of the other articles featured on our website this last week. However it’s time, let’s check out our list this week in the episode posted below.

5. To start things off here we have a Five Questions With segment featuring Toronto, ON-based hip-hop maestro, Johnny Blue who has unveiled his newest single, “Levitate”. But Johnny is no stranger to wielding multiple genres to his advantage, as this new single evokes the sensation of a moonlit cruise down city streets, as bumping R&B and jazz dynamics take the wheel. Check out the full interview HERE to learn more about the release of “Levitate”.

4. Well it looks like another Five Questions With interview is coming up next, this time with Canadian country artist, Lisa Nicole. She released her first full-length album, Where Wild Hearts Beat back on August 13. Plus she dropped the video for her latest single “Gypsy Girl” to accompany the release of the album. Be sure to check out the full article,  with our five Question Interview with Lisa Nicole linked HERE.

3. My third recommendation is going to be with Edmonton, AB-based alt-electronica artist Rick Christian, who has unveiled his latest single, “Will You Dance With Death”, along with a video to join the release. He draws inspiration from his own life experiences as well as elements from his favorite genres of Horror. You can check it out now on all streaming services as well as check out the full article for the release HERE.

2. Taking second place this week in my list is going to be Canadian experimental alt-folk group, RedFox. Who’s unveiled their new single, “Mellow Out” which is coming off of their album, Stranger Love. Which you can now find on all streaming services to enjoy today. But by blending traditional folk with a bit electronic sound, they spin traditional instruments like the banjo, violin, and acoustic guitar on their heads. Be sure to check out the new article with this incredible band over on the website HERE.

1. Our final spot goes out to a very unique band that is also based in Montreal, QC. They’re called Bon Enfant and they have unveiled the video for their new single, “Porcelaine”. It’s coming from their latest album, Diorama, which was released back on October 1. So be sure to go check it out now on all streaming sites and listen to it once or twice. However, you can also check out the full Five Questions With interview with Bon Enfant HERE.

Those are going to be my lovely list of recommendations from our website, that you need to go dive headfirst into. But also check out all of the other articles not on my list, that was also posted on our website. Just because they didn’t make my list doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to listen to some great musicians and artists. Plus our authors like I said, put in a lot of hard work so go show them all some love today. But I of course will be back next Monday, with a whole new list of amazing music. So be sure to tune in and spread some love in the world. Have yourselves an amazing week of music, smiles and as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!

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