RedFox releases new single, “Mellow Out”

Canadian experimental alt-folk group, RedFox is made up of Jono Townsend, Tim Loten, Daphnee Vandal, Sam Neumann, and  Sam Robinson. The group has unveiled their new single, “Mellow Out” from their album, Stranger Love.

Blending traditional folk motifs with an ambient electronic sound, the Montreal-based band spin traditional instruments like the banjo, violin, and acoustic guitar on their heads, fusing conventional bluegrass rhythms with alternative rock-based guitar and vocals — inventively applying them to modern electronic production in a way that maintains the sound’s soul and skill.

“Inspired by our personal and collective life experiences, our goal with this production was to create a compilation that pushed the boundaries of the genre,” Loten shares. “It’s not always easy to make our various instruments and creative visions cooperate; we demand a lot of compromise from each other musically, and that really shows in these songs.

“It’s a dark album,” he continues. “Daphnee has never been shy about writing real, honest lyrics, and I think people will get a lot of meaning out of it.”

“It’s a song about trying to feel normal and function in everyday life,” Vandal explains of “Mellow Out” and its origins. “But… Our good friend ‘anxiety’ seems to be kicking around every corner.”

Check out “Mellow Out” below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out Stranger Love, and stay up to date with the band via their socials.

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