Zach’s Picks Of The Week – November 1 – 6

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Music Monday for the month of November. We had quite the lineup of new music come out on the website this week. However, I am only giving you five recommendations as always here on Zach’s Picks Of The Week. Which contains my personal favourite articles posted this week by our outstanding authors. Please be sure to check out all of the links posted below, as well as the featured clips in this week’s episode. Which you can enjoy your right down here and thank you for watching.

5. The first recommendation this week is Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter Miss Lia, who unveiled her new single “Animal Type”, which follows previous releases “Dangerous”, “Lonely”, and “Summersault”. It’s available on all streaming services and captures the carnal charge around setting sights on who you want. Please be sure to visit the full article HERE.

4. Next up we’ve got Vancouver, BC’s Madisyn Gifford who released her new single, “Hope You’re Well”, along with a lyric video to accompany the release. This song was written around last year, about coming to a place of acceptance after a really hard breakup Gifford experienced. Read all about it HERE.

3. Our third highlighted pick of the week is from Canadian recording artist, Neon Jesus who’s bestowed upon us a new single, “Red Lips”. Which fuses blues-inspired guitar with the relentless pulse of electronic dance music. And though the pairing is historically unconventional, the result is an electrifying, genre-defying track, ultimately leaving a mark on the listener. Please be sure to click HERE to read the full article about the new single “Red Lips”.

2. The next pick of the week has to go to Canadian band Astral Gates, who are back with their gritty new single, “Behave”. You can find it on all streaming sites that you’re listening to your music on. This is their final single off the highly anticipated EP II. The new single is about a woman who always gets what she wants. Go ahead and check out this new post for the release of “Behave”, HERE.

1. Our final recommendation needs a little introduction if you’re not familiar with his work. JoJo Mason is a multiple CCMA award-nominated country artist who calls Vancouver home and now has released his third EP, Sky Full Of Stars on October 22 via 604 Records. Please be sure to go and check out the new EP for yourself HERE.

Be sure to check out the rest of our website if you don’t find my picks of the week to your satisfaction. If they are, then thank you very much for taking the time and checking them out this week. Be back next Monday for another dish of brand new music. But for now, have yourselves an amazing week out there, and as always PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!


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