Rose Cousins reveals new duet with Tim Baker

Recently, two celebrated East Coast songwriters are sharing their new duet, “The Lullaby (My Oldest Love)”. Rose Cousins and Tim Baker wrote the song together after a conversation that the two had over coffee “revealed a theme that resonated deeply in both of us,” says Cousins. “Being a human is vulnerable and it’s hard to remember the harsh voices in our heads are our own creations. We needed a lullaby for ourselves and that’s what we made. I’m glad we recorded this duet to honour how it felt to share the experience. Sometimes just knowing you’re not the only one is the greatest comfort.”

Rose Cousins recently took home a JUNO Award for Contemporary Roots Album of the Year for her 2020 album Bravado – a record for those who struggle with loneliness and those wishing they had more time alone. It’s for those attempting to make their hearts go in more than one direction and those trying to make it go in just one. It’s for those who present a version of themselves to the world that doesn’t quite match how they feel inside. It’s for those who feel misunderstood or unseen. It’s for those who have a hard time saying what they feel, who hide or can’t let themselves off the hook. It’s for those asking, “is this it?” and questioning if the character they play in the movie of their lives is authentic or just a role they’ve accepted. It’s for those who have a hard time asking for help and for those desperate for and terrified of change.

Her 2018 album Natural Conclusion also received notable acclaim, including a nomination for a Grammy Award, a JUNO Award nomination for Songwriter of the Year, and three wins at the East Coast Music Awards.

Rose’s songs have appeared on the programs Grey’s Anatomy, Supergirl, Reign, and Nashville, among others. She has shared stages with such heroic songwriters as Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Lori McKenna, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jann Arden, and Ron Sexsmith.

For over a decade Tim Baker was the principal songwriter and frontman for the much-acclaimed Canadian indie rock band, Hey Rosetta!. On his debut solo album Forever Overhead, Baker warmly welcomes you to “Dance” in the next chapter of his songwriting career: “here’s to the other side, lifted high”. As the album gathered critical praise including a Polaris Music Prize listing, JUNO Award nomination for Songwriter of the Year, and numerous ECMA awards, Baker continued to tour Canada, US, and Europe to support it.

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