Meghan Patrick’s music video for “Cool About It” is one that will leave you in awe and suspense

JUNO Award-winning country music artist Meghan Patrick released the official video for her new single “Cool About It” on October 27. This video, directed by Sean Hagwell, is an intense heist-inspired badass music video with twists and turns at every corner and it features Patrick in her most awe-inspiring acting performance to date. It’s the ending though that leaves you wondering … will there be a pre-quel or sequel? I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned!

Of the video, Patrick says,

“If a James Bond movie and Ocean’s Eleven had a baby to a country song, it would be the video for “Cool About It.” I’m always striving to give my fans the unexpected, something more exciting than a glammed-up performance of the song. I also love finding ways to add more storyline to my songs and make it more of a mini movie than a music video. My director Sean Hagwell did exactly that with this treatment and continues to level up every time we work together. This video is hands down the best we’ve ever made, and I can’t wait for the fans to see it! We may even have to do a sequel or prequel of this storyline for any subsequent singles off this record.”

Sean Hagwell adds,

“I grew up on movies like The Thomas Crown Affair, How To Steal A Million and Entrapment so the concept of lovers in a game of cat-and-mouse has been interesting to me. After one listen through “Cool About It” I knew exactly what I wanted to do. What really got the ball rolling was her line, “Don’t blow my cover / we ain’t here together.” Once we had that, the rest was easy. I can’t thank Meghan and the team enough for letting us run with this one. In the end, I feel like we gave the fans a look at just how talented Meghan is both as an artist and actress.”

Watch the video below and stay up to date with Meghan Patrick via her socials.

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