Celia’s Dream releases new single, “You”

Regina, SK’s alt-shoegazers Celia’s Dream are made up of Justice Ausum (frontman), Cullen Angus (bass), and co-collaborator Chris Dimas. The band has unveiled their debut single, “You”.

“You” is an atypical love song with a minimalist lyrical approach that expresses the complexities of true romance in a way only Saskatchewan-based breakthrough band Celia’s Dream can.

Reverb-soaked guitars and thunderous drums represent the tumultuous nature of relationships, while the message is communicated like poetry written amongst long-lost lovers. From there, the track’s softer vocal range melds seamlessly with robust guitar work to form a musical juxtaposition seldomly heard, and the infectious energy is manifested through the versatility of the band’s sound and high-quality production values.

The band’s utilization of glide guitar techniques allowed for a unique synergy with evocative harmonies of the past and present, and the finished piece is a nod to the heavier love songs of bands like My Bloody Valentine, who inspire the track’s final line.

“You” came together over a year and a half ago and was initially designated “The Summer Song” due to its uptempo qualities. Part of the delay in releasing “You” was due to the fact that the majority of the band’s equipment was stolen but, hurdles aside: with its musical synchronicity in seemingly opposed concepts of heavy instrumentation along with emotionally charged vocals fitting naturally, the song sets the tone ahead for Celia’s Dream and their forthcoming full-length.

Check out “You” below, and stay up to date with Celia’s Dream via their socials.

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