SMAQ announces Les Soirées SMAQ shows and #SupportYourVenues campaign

Indie Montreal‘s IMTL Press is excited to announce Les Soirées SMAQ, in collaboration with Coup de cœur francophone and with the financial support of Musicaction. On November 4, 6 & 7, Les Scènes de musique alternative du Québec (SMAQ) will present three hybrid concerts at two of its member venues – Ausgang Plaza and Cabaret Lion d’Or – with staging by Pestacle.

As part of the Coup de coeur francophone festival, which presents francophone artists, Les SMAQ will showcase 6 acts while highlighting the hard-hit independent venues still suffering from the pandemic.

This series will mark the official launch of the Les SMAQ’s crowdfunding campaign #SoutenezVosScènes (#SupportYourVenues) which will run via the platform La Ruche. The campaign will allow the public to directly support their favorite quebecois venues. You can learn more about the #SupportYourVenues with this video.

The series will kick off at Ausgang Plaza with colorful performances by Titelaine and Beat Sexü on November 4. Les Soirées SMAQ will continue at Cabaret Lion d’Or  with the talented Mara Tremblay and Laura Niquay on November 6. Finally, the psych-pop act Vanille and the enigmatic band Elephant Stone will play at Ausgang Plaza on November 7.

In-person tickets (limited space) are on sale via from 20$ (plus taxes and fees). Les Soirées SMAQ will also offer the chance to attend the shows virtually. These are the only concerts at the Coup de coeur Francophone festival that will be live-streamed. It will be possible to watch the performances in the comfort of your living room by purchasing a $10 ticket (plus taxes and fees).

Join the #SupportYourVenues solidarity movement and help support independent performance venues! They need you!

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