Review – King Dylan

Album: To The Ones Who Let Go
Release Date: September 17, 2021
Genre: Hip-hop/Rock/Pop

To The Ones Who Let Go is the latest release from Calgary resident, King Dylan.

The album’s 11 tracks navigate the serious and LOL-worthy, melding rap and pop influences with the occasional heavy riffs and nuggets of lighthearted humour including tracks detailing his favourite dinosaurs as well as talking about your inner thoughts when facing a difficult situation.

Inspired by the idea of not overthinking, Dylan explains.

“So we have to ‘let go’, and that was the approach I took in writing the album. Whatever popped in my head seemed to be what I wrote about, trusting my gut and believing my songwriting skills to just go with the flow, sometimes starting and finishing songs in less than a regular workday.”

Standout tracks are “Push”, a bass-heavy hard rock-influenced track detailing standing up to your bully that you were faced with in your younger years who pushed you to your end till you did something about it.

“Party in the Sky” is a dreamy guitar paradise about loving the people you have in your life and finding that support system that we all need.

Overall, the album emits a positive vibe and an amalgamation of different genres of music. So, you will find your favourite track as you take a journey that will fill your musical heart.

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