Astral Gates release new single, “Behave”

Canadian band, Astral Gates are back with their gritty new single, “Behave”.

The final single off the highly anticipated EP II, “Behave” is about a woman who always gets what she wants. Using her charms, she takes complete control of every aspect of her mind and body in an expression of pure feministic freedom. There is nothing this femme fatale won’t do in this tale of female empowerment that seamlessly weaves itself within the hypnotic tone of “Behave.”

The latest musical effort by Astral Gates is a unique blend of meticulous audio refinement and their mature songwriting style. “Behave” is a sonic whirlwind with international appeal, evoking bands who have influenced their sound, such as the Arctic Monkeys and Queens of The Stone Age.

Although many bands have been negatively affected by the limitations put forth due to the pandemic, Astral Gates have thrived. An adjustment to the formula that has brought continued success to the band was unnecessary since, due to varying circumstances, they have been mainly writing remotely since their inception.

Founding members Dan D’Urbano and Evan Falcone began collaborating remotely due to living in different provinces. While Astral Gates was created in Montreal, Falcone’s relocation to Toronto has strengthened the band’s resolve to make the best music possible regardless of location. They would use the appropriate technologies to facilitate and execute the pristine recording quality defined by Astral Gates’ reputation.

Check out the video for “Behave” below, and stay up to date with Astral Gates via their socials.

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