Mikalyn releases video for “Blame”

Guelph, ON-based singer-songwriter, Mikalyn is back with a video for her newest single, “Blame”.

On “Blame,” Mikalyn strikes chords capable of resonating with anyone who has dealt with heartbreak in their life. Displaying an emotional maturity well beyond her 19 years, the track documents the grieving process following a relationship breakdown in which harsh realities are faced and former truths get called into question. 

Mikalyn’s ethereal vocal harmonies dominate the track as she asserts control over her destiny and refuses to capitulate to guilt over the relationship’s demise.

“Many people have experienced that moment when they realize they taken on too much burden in a relationship, blaming themselves for things that are not in their control, and wanting it to work so bad that they sacrifice themselves in the process. This song is about putting an end to that,” explains Mikalyn.

The video for “Blame” lends gravitas to the track, providing snapshots of the relationship’s happier times before the clip culminates in the cathartic burning of mementos. There is a haunting beauty to the video that will resonate with viewers on many levels. Check it out below.

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