Zach’s Picks Of The Week – October 18-23

Wow! It looks like it’s time for another Music Monday here on this fine website of ours. Welcome back to my highlights of the week, my name is Zach and these are Zach’s Picks Of The Week. My collection of the best music posted on our website this week, which we post plenty of Promos, Interviews, and InPhoto coverage of concerts. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit the website you’re reading this post on because we’re always got some great music coming out. But speaking of great music we better start things off on my recommendations of the week, so without further Ado here is this week’s episode below.

5. Here to start us off, we have the latest from award-winning St. John’s Newfoundland singer-songwriter Rozalind MacPhail. This new single is called “Never Let Go” and it’s available on all streaming sites and is accompanied by a brand new music video for the release. This new video was inspired by her artist residency through the Unscripted Twillingate, a Digital Arts Festival, and Joshua Jamieson’s LGBTQ short film called “Waiting Outside”. Which you can find available on CBC Gem, as a part of their Reel East Coast. But first please check out the full article HERE.

4. Up next we’ve got the release of the self-titled album from Astral Swans finally out for the masses. This is his most catchy, upbeat, and immediate album to dropped, with all the songs operating as a short story. Just observing the sad beauty of mundane moments in our lives. Swann’s almost exclusively composed these songs internally on solo walks throughout various cities around the world (Pre-COVID Of course). One of my favourites off of the album is the song called “Blackhole Town”, which we highly recommend you go check out the full album now. You can see a video love this song play live and the article we have posted right HERE.

3. Now it’s going to be the Toronto Ontario based singer-songwriter and producer, Chris Gray who has released his newest RnB/Pop single “Seamless” on all streaming platforms. In BIG news, he’s also announced he will be performing this song on Thursday the 28th. Be sure to catch that performance on The Recording Academy’s YouTube channel, but Chris Gray is only one of the very few Canadian artists to ever be invited to perform at Press Play at Home. You should check out the article where we talked about the new single and more, right HERE.

2. Runner up on Zach’s Picks of the Week is Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Maki, who has unveiled his newest single “Close to You” along with the new music video for the release. This new single is a Jazzy, Pop, and Funk cocktail, about locking eyes with an Ex lover at the bar. Well, the two of you are just playing the stare-look away game, he spends most of the song trying to convince them to give him some of their extra time. Check out the full article HERE.

1. Ottawa, Ontario rockers Taming Sari have unveiled their high-energy new single that’s going to drive you “Crazy”! They of course return with their signature splashy guitars, thunderous drums and it just leads the listener through this supercharged anthem. Bringing a little hope back into this post-pandemic world, by taking us back to when life seemed more straightforward. This new single is about the inherent connections that we all feel towards one another. How surreal it feels to lose touch with our need to just enjoy life. I really recommend you go check out the full article HERE.

Well those are going to be on my recommendations for this week, so be sure to tune in next time when I’ve got more new music to talk about. We will be back next Music Monday, so there’s no need to worried about any shortages. Canadian Beats is your place to be for some of the best in Canadian music, so please be sure to follow us on all platforms and stay in the loop. But this is been Zach’s Picks of the Week everyone, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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