Zach’s Picks Of The Week – October 11-16

Good music Monday everybody and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! We’ve got a brand new list of recommendations on Zach’s Picks of The Week, that are perfect to be listening to all day. Trust me I think I know what I’m doing after all, this isn’t my first rodeo. But those out there who don’t know, these are all articles from our amazing website that will be linked down below. You’ll also get the chance to hear a little bit of them in the episode posted just below us. But if you don’t seem to click with any of these recommendations, then I assure you we will have something on our website. Just take a stroll and check out the main page, however, let’s jump right into the video below and my recommendations on this post.

5. Returning to the show we’ve got Toronto, Ontario-based musician Oliver James Brooks, who is thrilled to be back with his latest single “Two Best Friends”. Of course, it was accompanied by the official music video, which was shot on a super 8mm film. It gives off this natural grainy, cinematic look to the music video. Be sure to check out the full article with the music video HERE, which was done by her very own Migs Lava.

4. We just had a brand new Interview with Winnipeg-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sierra Noble, that I know you’re going to enjoy. It was conducted by our very own Rebecca Mattina, check it out HERE.  They have recently dropped a brand new single called “Let Me Out Of Here”, out now on all streaming sites.

3. So there’s this Five Questions With Toronto indie-folk group Ptarmigan over on the website. This band recently unveiled their newest single, “Once I Knew” on all streaming platforms for you to enjoy. It will be their first single to be released off of their highly anticipated third album, Cocoon, which will be coming out this fall. Be sure to keep your eyes out for that album and enjoy the new five-question interview HERE, done by our chief Jenna Melanson.

2. Now we’ve got this brand new album review for the latest from Mathew V in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was conducted by our very own Matthew Shaw and this new EP is called, The Outer Circle which you can now check out on all your favourite streaming sites.  This release is a collection of songs about his life story, drawing inspiration from his experience moving to Canada from London, England when he was 17. Head over and check out Matthew’s full review HERE.

1. Finally, on my Picks Of The Week, we’ve got four-piece Calgary alternative rock band Exit Division. They released their debut album, Psychosis featuring 14 songs including their single, “Baseball City” back in 2020. However this brand new Five Question With segment is worth checking out, and it was done by Jenna Melanson once again. Check it out HERE.

Those are going to be my recommendations for this week’s edition of Zach’s Picks of The Week. Be sure to tune in next time when we’ve got a brand new list of amazing articles and posts from our website. This has been your Music Mondayz with Zach Coopz, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!!

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