Countdown to Monstercat Compound – Interview with Eminence

Canadian electronic music duo, Eminence will be headlining at Monstercat Compound, which is on September 18, 2021, in Vancouver, BC. The duo recently released their single, “Throwback”, which you can check out below, and be sure to find out more about Dillon of Eminence via our mini-interview segment.

Introduce yourself to our readers! Who is Eminence?

Hi! I’m Dillon and I’m ½ of Eminence. We are an electronic music duo from Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

Monstercat Compound takes place in just a few weeks – how does it feel to be part of the event this year?

I’m very excited! I took part in the big back-to-back set at last year’s Compound and I’ve been craving that same energy ever since! I’ve prepared a very special set.

Have you played or attended Compound before?

Yes, every year, and the energy is insane!

Who are you most excited to check out during this year’s event?

I’m a big fan of Tony Romera so I’m excited to see him.

How do you go about selecting a tracklist to perform at an event of this nature (i.e. all-ages block party)?

I like to build my sets around my own music. And I love making cool edits that people don’t expect.

Are you performing anywhere else this year?

Nothing set yet due to Covid restrictions. But looking forward to doing more once we can.

If you were able to put together a festival or event, which three Canadian artists (besides yourself) would you want to include?

deadmau5, The Weeknd, ATTLAS

Last but not least, do you have any other big news that you’d like to share? Can we look out for new music from you soon?

New Eminence release on Monstercat Silk coming this year! Stay tuned.

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