Hush releases new single, “Story of Gold”

Toronto, ON-based indie-pop duo, Hush is made up of singer-songwriter Jessica Deutsch and multi-instrumentalist music producer Tyler Emond. The pair have unveiled their new single, “Story of Gold” from their upcoming EP, Pull the Sky, which is set for release in Fall 2021. The single is co-written and co-produced by Deutsch and Emond in their home studio.

The slow-burning track grows from minimalist 808 beats into a cinematic collage of sparkling synth, distorted violin, and percussive samples. Led by Jessica’s warm and weighted vocals, the bittersweet opening lines “Your eyes were golden when I looked at you, my lashes were damp with tears” introduce a track of both catharsis and comfort.

“The song is about someone you’re close to, but you can never really get too close because they need to go off and live their life a little” explains Emond. “It could be a lover, a friend, a family member. You might get wrapped up in the hurt and emotions of that person leaving, but when you pull back from the situation, you can see that they need to go do their thing if they’re going to grow. Eventually, they come back matured with all their tales to tell: a story of gold. The sounds in the song are there to reflect how you might feel when this is happening to you. The big swell of feelings you’d go through, or little uncontrollable reactions.”

Check out “Story of Gold” below, and stay up to date with Hush via their socials.

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