PREMIERE – Sad China releases new single, “ilyimy”

Vancouver, BC-based musician Sad China is about to release their debut album on October 22, 2021. The album is a product of the COVID pandemic, and the new single, “ilyimy” explores the highs and lows of living in quarantine.

“Isolation’s been hard, but now I realize my quarantine routine forced me to reflect and process my trauma – stuff I’ve held on to that still hurts me, and informs how I relate to others, especially my loved ones,” says Sad China. “When I wasn’t making music, sleeping or eating, I spent all my time with my ex, binging on oxytocin, THC, and CBD. Then we broke up. ‘ilyimy’ is a mixture of wanting to rejoin society, dance, and touch my friends’ faces, but it’s also me stalking my ex on social media right after the breakup.”

Although the single is only being released tomorow (September 10, 2021), Canadian Beats readers are getting an exclusive first listen! Check out “ilyimy” below, and stay up to date with Sad China via their socials.

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