MellyQueen & Skyzz release new single, “Lento y Pegadito”

Toronto, ON-based Latin-pop artists MellyQueen & Skyzz have unveiled their fresh new track, “Lento y Pegadito”.

Driven with poppy composition, enticing vocalizations, and some undeniable musical magnetism, the two multi-talented artists soar beyond the stratosphere with their newest single — and first collaboration.

“When Skyzz and I met, we shared a great connection and an overall chemistry,” MellyQueen recalls. “We really wanted to create a song that captured that fun, heartfelt, and feel-good energy we share off-camera.”

“Lento y Pegadito” ignites these vibes ablaze; tied together with the track’s accompanying video, audiences are treated to witnessing the pair’s electric creative chemistry first-hand.

“Unlike its title, the love for this single has been quick and expansive among the Latin community,” Skyzz says.

“Through this experience, we were able to work as creatives — learning from one another, and creating an amazing final project,” MellyQueen continues. “Knowing this was our first collaboration, we spent many days perfecting the lyrics, production, and video to showcase the beauty behind this project.

“We believe we have created something different and special for our audience.”

To that end, the two Toronto-based artists have grown increasingly known for creating musical magic for their audiences within their own respective careers for some time now.

Check out “Lento y Pegadito” below, and stay up to date with both artists via their socials.

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