Weekly Beat Down – September 6, 2021 to September 11, 2021

Good music mondays so all of the fine readers out there who have just read these words. I hope you’re doing well and are ready for some brand new music this week. Because there are two amazing songs that will be facing off for your votes at home. This is the Weekly Beat Down and whichever one of these songs has the most votes will proceed to the next round. After holding down the top spot for six weeks, they will be retired to the Hall of Fame. However there is also my recommendations of the week that you need to enjoy in the video below. I call them Zach’s picks of the week, they are all articles from our website that I think you’ll enjoy. So we’ve got plenty to unpack this Monday, I guess we better get started on it!

Kicking things off is all returning Champs with our top song for the last few weeks now. Vancouver heavy metal band Celestial Ruin are back with their phenomenal track “See U Nxt Nxt Tuezday”. This song is already available in streaming platforms, so be sure to go check it out today. They are only a few weeks from possibly being retired to the Hall of Fame. If you enjoy their song, be sure to support them in the voting section down below this week. But now I enjoy the full video for Celestial Ruin’s “See U Nxt Tuezday”, once again on the Weekly Beat Down.

Next up and debuting with a brand new video and single here on the Weekly Beat Down. Toronto-based artist Astrid Tanton has dropped the new pop track “Jury” on all streaming sites. It is coming off of her debut EP, “From My Eyes” which is out now. Tanton says the new song comes from a place of learning and hurt. The message is ageless, there is their version, your version, and somewhere in between is the truth. But if you enjoy her new song, be sure to get your votes in down below in this week’s competition. However, you can now check out the full video for “Jury” by Astrid Tanton on the Weekly Beat Down right here.

Well, it’s going to be between those two songs this week on the Weekly Beat Down, now it’s up to you the readers and fans to vote. Like I said before whichever one has the most votes by the end of this week, which is Monday to Saturday night. That song will move on to the next round of the beatdown and possibly closer to the Hall of Fame. But can you got to make sure to hit the anonymous vote button after selecting your song choice. Then your vote will be cast in with the rest and also be sure to get your friends involved with the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown online. But now good luck to our artists and off you go voters!

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Well, I hope you enjoyed some of the music featured this week in the video or in the competition. We of course will be back next Monday, with the brand new music and possibly the results from this Weekly Beat Down. So please stay safe out there everybody and as always, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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