ViVA Trio releases first-ever folk-inspired song, “Solstice Jig”

Award-winning Canadian group ViVA Trio have released their stunning first foray into folk music with a new single, “Solstice Jig”.

As the latest preview of their forthcoming concept album, “Solstice Jig” offers a light-hearted, upbeat tune featuring star violinist Vasil Popadiuk alongside Trio members Anna Bateman, Erin Fisher, and Katya Tchoubar. Inspired by Irish jigs, Enya, as well as a series of Canadian and Celtic folk artists, the song lilts with pagan, celtic magic and nature-inspired lyrics.

“We’re dipping our toes into the deep traditions of folk music, and loving it!” Anna shares.

“‘Solstice Jig’ is a more let-your-hair-loose kind of track for us,” Erin adds.

“This song is truly written as a celebration of the new season, and it’s time to dance baby!” Katya continues.

ViVA Trio’s three powerful sopranos — Anna, Erin, and Katya — each have extensive solo performance backgrounds that take audience’s breaths away. Put them together, and their combined forces soar as pure thrill and magic!

Begin the journey of the story unfolding of ViVA Trio’s second album; with ethereal vocals, upbeat instrumentals, and an overall feel-good, uplifting vibe, “Solstice Jig” is a great addition to any folk playlist.

Check out “Solstice Jig” below, and stay up to date with the trio via their socials.

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