Weekly Beat Down – August 30, 2021 to September 4, 2021

Good Music Monday everybody who is reading this article! We are back once again to face off two amazing Canadian artists and their songs for you to vote on. Whichever song has the most votes by the end of this week will be our winner and proceeded to the next round. You the fans are able to vote from Monday to Saturday night by selecting your favorite song and hitting the anonymous voting button at the bottom of this page. We’ve also got some great recommendations for other articles in the video presented below, these are called Zach’s Picks of the Week! So much good stuff but let’s check out the video right here and get a taste of the songs featured in the Weekly Beat Down.

Returning for their fourth time and all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia, we have the heavy metal rockers Celestial Ruin. They are of course are back with their smack in the face rock track, “See U Nxt Tuezday” which you can already find out on all streaming platforms. This song is flat-out in-your-face rock! Balls to the wall! It is extremely relatable. An anthem for anyone who has ever been talked down to and treated like they were less. It’s a giant middle finger to all those who would try to tear you down to make themselves feel better. The video was directed by the very talented Dave Benedict, Square Egg Vision, and will surely have you busting a move or head-banging a lot. If you still enjoy their song, be sure to show your support down in the voting section. But now enjoy the full video for our top song “See U Nxt Tuezday” by Celestial Ruin on the Weekly Beat Down.

Next up and debuting here on the Weekly Beat Down, we’ve got a Zimbabwe-born, Calgary-based artist this time. Goes by the name of KTheChosen and he is a spoken word artist, Gender-equal advocate, and public speaker. He has just recently dropped the new video for his reflective new single “Nomad’s Tale Pt. 5 (Quarter Life Crisis)”. The song is already available on all streaming platforms so be sure to add it to your favourite playlist. But we also recently had a five-question interview with KTheChosen if you’d like to check that out, it’s linked right here for you. But if you enjoy his new song, then you better be sure to show your support in the voting section down below. However, you can now check out the full video for “Nomad’s Tale Pt. 5 (Quarter Life Crisis)” write down here on the Weekly Beat Down.

Now it’s time for you to vote so be sure to select your favorite song that is a part of our competition. Remember the song counting with the most votes will be sent forward to the next round. You need to wait 24 hours between when you voted last, Otherwise, it will say you’ve already voted. Also, be sure to get your friends involved by using the hash tag #WeeklyBeatDown when you’re sharing. So now it’s just you and songs, good luck to our competitors and their songs this week!

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But thank you so much if you’re still reading at this point. It means a lot that you hung around this long, please be sure to share all the new music you may have just found. Also, check out the rest of our website which we post new music all the time. However, that’s it from me so I hope to see you back here next Monday when we break in another Beat Down! So as always please stay safe out there. PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!

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