Haviah Mighty releases new single, “Flamenco” featuring Mala Rodríguez

Haviah Mighty has been making some big moves in the last few months. From her multiple awards, festival performances, and now she turns them into a ‘smooth-sashay’ on the new single “Flamenco”.  This new single features multiple Grammy award-winning Latin artist, Mala Rodríguez and continues to bring the heat after her previous release, Avocado (featuring producer, Grandtheft). Haviah steps to the beat and pulse in this sensual, castanet-inflected track reminiscent of an adventure in a new place, with a sound that embodies the striking, powerful energy of its namesake artform. Listen to Flamenco and watch the visualizer by BlackPowerBarbie below.

“Flamenco” was produced by Mighty and her long-time collaborator, Taabu (who’s known for his work on 13th Floor standout, “Wishy Washy”), but this spicy international collaboration transcends continent and genre.

“With this one, I wanted to try something different! Inspired by the cultural influences behind flamenco, this song allowed me to be a guest in a new genre. Mala Rodríguez really brought this record home – her verse added authenticity, sensuality and pizzazz. She has a great voice and message, and with her Spanish roots, I felt that she spoke to the energy of the song more directly than I ever could,” Haviah saysIt’s a feel-good song, with the intention of resonating on a dance floor, with the bass pulsing as heavily as the sweat on one’s brow as they hit their moves. This song is quite literally a vibe!”

“Flamenco” will be a part of Haviah’s new mixtape Stock Exchange, which is set for release this fall this year. The title refers to a reckoning Haviah had internally over the last year, connecting with how artists are forced to validate their value based on random data (followers, subscribers) and losing a part of the authentic human-to-human universal experience of art. Get familiar with Haviah Mighty’s work to date ahead of Stock Exchange and watch as she continues to rise in sound and vision on stages across Canada this summer.

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