Weekly Beat Down – August 23, 2021 to August 28, 2021

Happy Mondays everybody who’s ready for some new music? Well, that’s great because our website is stocked full of it this week. Welcome to our weekly competition where we will face off two amazing Canadian songs, that you the fan will vote on. The rules are as follows, the song that has the most votes by the end of the week, we’ll move on to the next round. It’s up to you the fans to vote on your favourite song every day, from Monday to Saturday night at the bottom of the page. Well also check out the brand new music featured in the episode just down below. So what do you say we check out the amazing competition and recommendations listed in this week’s episode of the weekly beat down.

Returning for the third time on the weekly beat down from Vancouver, British Columbia, it’s the heavy metal rockers Celestial Ruin. They have made it back with their fantastic track “See U Nxt Tuezday” which is of course available on all streaming platforms. Produced by the legendary Jay Van Poederooyen (Nickelback, Hinder, and Devin Townsend) the song delivers an energetic track for your everyday. If you enjoy their song be sure to cast your vote at the bottom of the page, to see them move on to the next round. But now you can check out the full video for our returning champion single “See U Nxt Tuezday” by Celestial Ruin, on the Weekly Beat Down.

Next up we’ve got an art-rock band from Kingston called JIMBO who have dropped their brand new single “Bad Kids” on all streaming sites. It’s off their upcoming EP, A Sad Faces which will be coming out later this year. It was written as a combination of hard rock riffs, psychedelic textures that are complemented in this track. We recently had a five-question interview with the band Jimbo, that I definitely recommend you check out right here. If you enjoy there soon be sure to cast your vote down at the bottom of the page for your favourite song this week on the Weekly Beat Down. But now you can enjoy the video for “Bad Kids” below.

These right here are going to be your two competitors that you get to choose between on this week’s edition of the Weekly Beat Down. Remember the song counting with the most votes between Monday and Saturday night will move on to the next round of the competition. You hit the anonymous vote button after you select your choice, and then wait 24 hours to come back to vote again. I wish our competitors the best of luck this week!

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I hope you found something new to listen to this week and also supported your favourite song in the Weekly Beat Down. We of course will be back next Monday just like every other Monday with brand new music. So I hope to see you again around these parts, don’t be a stranger. Have yourself an amazing week and as always, PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC!

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