k-os teams up with KAGE E on new single, “Hot Boy”

Recently Toronto, ON-based rapper, singer, and songwriter k-os returned with the new single and forming a new dynamic duo on “Hot Boy”! k-os takes 16-year-old up and coming Toronto artist KAGE E under his wing on this new track. The perfect song for cruising down the street when you’re chilling with your friends, so check it out below.

The duo met and struck up a friendship after KAGE E sent k-os a “genuine heartfelt compliment” on Instagram.

“He sent me a song called “Searchin” that I loved,” says K-OS. “I wrote a song called “Searchin” years ago, so the title alone pulled me in. We’re in the same zone lyrically.”

The two connected and formed this dynamic duo of sorts. KAGE E says

“There’s definitely a Batman/Robin vibe going on. We even had the Batmobile for the (video) shoot!!”. K-os adds, “I’ve been looking for my Robin for a minute. But Robin has to have both confidence and humility to be a good partner to Batman and that’s a hard combo to come by. Finally found it… or rather, it found me.”

On being able to work with k-os, KAGE E said,

“k-os was a part of my ascendancy into music. When I was younger I used to set my hand on the speaker and feel the beat run up through my arm and kinda work its way through. My Dad liked his music loud. Sometimes on Queen Street people would start groovin’ to the hook as we sat at the lights. Moment like those are the moments that made me want to make music. It was really dope when me and K-OS connected. He’s a big influence.”

“Hot Boy” follows up k-os’ two latest singles, the dance floor ready, “Supernovas” and his unique take on The Cars’ “Just What I Needed”. However, you can find “Hot Boys” on all your favourite streaming platforms now including Spotify or Apple Music.

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