IN PHOTOS: Cœur de Pirate and guests at Mural festival in Montreal, QC

Who: Cœur de Pirate, Nicolet, thaïs, Mon Doux Saigneur
When: August 20th, 2021
Where: MURAL Festival, Montreal QC

Yesterday’s heatwave didn’t scare off anyone, as a packed audience was hanging out on St Laurent boulevard, with its signature MURAL Festival soon coming to an end. The evening started with Mon Doux Saigneur‘s lo-fi folk vibes.

Next, the bubbly Thaïs took the stage, charming the crowd with her francophone pop tunes. She showcased songs from her last LP “Paradis Artificiel”, and exploration of new songs to come. Halfway through the performance of her last song, a track about the end of summer, the power went out on the whole block with no immediate return in sight, unfortunately cutting her set short.

After about an hour of hanging out on the Main eerily plunged into darkness, lights went back on around 8.30pm under the cheers of the crowd! Without too much delay to the schedule, Nicolet took the stage. Etienne Hamel’s project presented an intimate and moody set, perfectly setting the tone for the evening’s main act.

Finally, Cœur de Pirate (also known as Béatrice Martin), our headliner of the night who needs no introduction to Montrealers, arrived on stage. Having recently undergone vocal chord surgery, she warned the audience that this would be a very special show featuring mostly songs from her piano album “Perséides”, and that she was only allowed to sing three songs. The acoustic set was very refreshing and gave the audience a chance to witness Béatrice’s beautiful piano skills.  To the pleasure of the crowd, Cœur de Pirate chose her 3 songs wisely: the emotional “Place de la République”, the beautiful “Crier Tout Bas” and the classic “Comme des Enfants”. All in all, it was a very soft and intimate show, a beautiful moment for a very hot Friday night.

For more pictures of the show, check out our Facebook album!

MURAL Festival is taking place on St Laurent blvd in Montreal, QC from August 12th to 22nd. For more information, visit the festival’s website.

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