Review – Silver Pools

Album: Chroma
Release Date: August 20, 2021
Genre: Dream Pop

Chroma is the sophomore release from the Toronto-based trio Silver Pools.

Are you riddled with questions about life, death, love, anxiety, or how to fight the tightening grip of late-stage capitalism? If so, Silver Pools’ new album, Chroma, has no answers for you. However, what it does offer is some company and a collection of catchy and dreamy songs for you to swim alongside. As an album, Chroma gives the dreamy sounds of a watery paradise. It has the feel of escaping all of your troubles for a short amount of time.

The stand out track for me is “Farmhouse”, which was co-produced by electronic music producer, Matt Thibideau.  I feel that it borrows some influences of water level music from video games specifically Donkey Kong Country 1 with the level  “Aquatic Ambience” and “Dire Dire Docks” from Super Mario 64. It has this real chill transcendental meditative vibe to the song with one of the dreamiest synth sounds I have ever heard. (insert Lisa Simpson with earphones space meme).

Overall, the album is a great way to showcase just how hypnotic and calming laying at the beach can be. It’s almost a romantic vibe. As if after you have done the deed and are cuddling with your partner, and putting this on as you drift off to sleep.

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