Weekly Beat Down – August 16, 2021 to August 21, 2021

Well how do you do everybody and I confess, I decided to do something crazy this week. But luckily we’ve got an exciting new round of the weekly beat down for you to enjoy with brand new music! So will have to check it all out in the video below, However, let’s break down the Weekly Beat Down for all the new people out there. This is our weekly competition where we will voluntarily feature two amazing songs and their artist. I will then let you the fans decide on your favourite every single week. Then by the end of the week the song with the most votes, will be the one moving on to the next round the weekly beat down. Plus I’ve also got my picks of the week for articles in the video below that you need to check out here on the website. So what do you say we get into the new music this week on the Weekly Beat Down.

Returning after tremendous victory in their debut last week, Vancouver, British Columbia heavy metal rockers Celestial Ruin brought back their cleverly titled single. “See U Nxt Tuezday”, which is available on all streaming platforms right now and has a killer video to accommodate it. Perfect song to add to your workout playlist and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it since it took over the top spot last week. So I shouldn’t have to say this but, if you enjoy this track be sure to vote for your favourite song at the bottom of the page. But now enjoy the full video for this hard-hitting single called “See U Nxt Tuezday” right here on the Weekly Beatdown.

Next up is our new competitor that will be joining us from Toronto, Ontario, but it’s time for tea and down the “Rabbit Hole” we go with Bad Waitress. Their new single is available on all streaming platforms and is coming off their debut full-length album “No Taste”. Which follows suits after previously released singles like “Strawberry Milkshake” and “Delusions of Grandeur”. You’ll be able to find all of those on the album when it drops on the 3rd of September Via Royal Mountain. But if you enjoy their new single “Rabbit Hole”, remember to get vote on your favorite track. Now it’s time for tea, so let’s check out the full video for “Rabbit Hole” by Bad Waitress right here.

Now it’s time for you the fans to decide on your favourite song this week. You’ll be able to vote from Monday to Saturday night, with the exemption of 24 hours wait time between votes. But you will have to hit the anonymous vote button after you select your favourite song. That way your vote is counted in, but don’t let that stop you from helping your favourite artist. Share with your friends using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown and I wish you Good Luck artists?

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I hope you enjoy it all the new music that you can find on our lovely website. Almost every single day we’re posting about new music so be sure to follow us. I hope to see you back here next Monday for more music. Stay safe out there and as always, PEACE, LOVE & GOOD MUSIC!

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