PREMIERE – Niki Kennedy releases new single, “Fall Back Into You”

New Zealand-born, Vancouver-based artist, Niki Kennedy took part in a month-long music production class taught by Grammy Award-winning artist and producer, Ryan Tedder, which challenged attendees to write and complete one song every ten days. The rapid pace of the course combined with all of the methods and tips Tedder shared led to the first song Niki wrote as part of the program, “Fall Back Into You”. “The pace didn’t allow us to hold ourselves back in writing, like so many songwriters often do”. With the challenge of creating a song from a vibe and approaching her art from her feelings as opposed to looking at it logically, “Fall Back Into You” was born.

The single is about a relationship, as Niki says “of any kind”, “Fall Back Into You” uses sonic representations to allude to and describe feelings.

“It can be a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a relationship with alcohol or drugs”.

Using soundscaping and vocal production to take the song to the next level, Niki recorded her own voice 50 times to create a layered, full-bodied choir in the background of the song. Showcasing her advanced vocal talent and deep understanding of song structure, Niki’s latest single was intentionally created to move the listener, whether physically or emotionally. With every element led by a feeling, the enveloping sounds of “Fall Back Into You” feel like a familiar moment in time for any listener, no matter how they define what that moment was.

Niki shares,

“Fall Back Into You centres around the internal struggle with relationships and habits. The moment we find comfort in what we know as we fall back into old patterns.”

Check out the track below, and stay up to date with Niki via her socials.

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