Weekly Beat Down – August 2, 2021 to August 7, 2021

Good Music Monday everybody, I hope you’re having a beautiful day! It’s pretty hazy out here in BC, so it’s hard to tell if it is nice today. But luckily I’ve got two amazing artists and their songs who are ready to face one another in a gladiator-like battle. You the fans at home will decide your favourite and that song will proceed to the next round of our competition. If they can hold on for six weeks in a row, they will be honoured and retired to the Weekly Beat Down Hall of Fame. Not to mention I’ve also got four articles that I’m recommending to you this week. You’ll catch those in Zach’s Picks For The Week, coming up in this week’s episode just below. So what do you say we can get things started and check out all the music in this episode.

First up we’ve got our returning champion who is making his way back for his fifth time in a row. Afro-pop singer-songwriter Luckystickz from Toronto is back with his summer vibe track “Strangers”. You the fans have been absolutely loving this song for the last couple of weeks, but now he’s only got two more weeks to go before retirement. You can find the track, “Strangers” on all your favourite streaming sites and I of course will have the video for you to enjoy soon. Please remember to get your votes in for your favourite song this week for the Weekly Beat Down. But now enjoy the video for “Strangers” by Luckystickz just down below here.

The next artist and song that will be joining us has already appeared on an episode of Zach’s Picks of the Week. But now they’re here with their first official music video for that single. I’m talking about Charlottetown, PEI Rock Band Arsenal Mills with their single “Cry No More”. A funny music video that almost looks like one of those VHS workout tapes. Spandex, sweatbands and a killer guitar solo to boot are just what you can expect from this video. If you enjoy Arsenal Mills and their new single, be sure to get your votes in for your favourite song this week. Now without further Ado here is the new video for “Cry No More” by Arsenal Mills on the Weekly Beat Down.

And boom goes the dynamite! Those are going to be the two awesome songs facing off for your vote in the Weekly Beat Down. You have from Monday to Saturday night to select your favourite and hit the anonymous vote button. You’re allowed to vote once a day so be sure to come back every day to help your favourite song up out. Good luck Competitors!!

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I hope you enjoy the selection of music in this week’s edition of the Weekly Beat Down. Be sure to tune in every Monday for more new music posted, but also on our website every day. Have yourself an amazing week everybody, spread some love out there and I’ll see you in the next one. PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC!!

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