Adrian Sutherland captures 1600 selfies to create ‘Right Here’ video

Creativity is one of the key aspects to capture attention when creating music videos. Adrian Sutherland did just that with his video release for “Right Here”. Living in an isolated location often causes some dilemmas when trying to complete tasks, such as creating a music video. There may be no video crews and no video gear. Sutherland took it upon himself to “spend six weeks shooting a shitload of selfies, handing them over to a talented filmmaker, and letting the magic happen.”

According to Sutherland, “Right Here” is a song “about being there for the people that you love and care about – and also having those people that you love and care about being there for you, too. It made sense for the music video to give a glimpse into my life and share with viewers some of the people and places that mean the most to me.”

According to Justin Stephenson (filmmaker and animator),

“the video for “Right Here” draws inspiration from people’s travel selfies. I was struck by the idea of an ever-changing world around a steadfast and constant subject. This idea evolved even further, though, as Adrian sent photos and we started to put them to the song. What started as an expression of personal presence became a story about relationships with family, friends, place, and the land. Being ‘right here’ is about being home. It’s a perfect song for the times we are in.”

This led to Sutherland taking over 1600 pictures over the course of six weeks.

“Some challenging moments were taking selfies while operating the boat, and making sure I didn’t crash into anything. Some of the most fun moments were getting some of my family into the shots, and even one of my dogs, too. Also the great-horned owlet we rescued last month – we even managed to get him in the video, too.”

“Right Here” is the first single from Sutherland’s debut solo album, set to be released on September 17, 2021.

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