Cameron & Crawford release new single, “This Time, This Place”

Saskatoon, SK sister-singer-songwriters Cameron & Crawford are back with their new single, “This Time, This Place”.

This poetic duo, Trish Cameron and Wendy Crawford, continue to diversify their catalog of music, stepping across the constraints of genre to focus on melodic and lyrical prowess; “This Time, This Place” does everything right when tugging at the nostalgic heartstrings behind the folksy guitar and soothing vocals.

The song started in a Saskatoon living room, grew in a camp cabana in Sorrento, British Columbia, and was recorded mid-pandemic back where it all began — at Saskatchewan’s Beez Neez Recording with Simon Jasieniuk as engineer and contributing percussionist. Ghostboy’s Denis Dufresne, who Trish studied with, adds the mandolin track; “Denis brings just the perfect, graceful finishing touches and sparkle to the song,” they say of his contribution.

At the track’s inception, exploring the question on ‘what the song wants to be about,’ the sisters share that Wendy had recalled a walk with a friend in an old Saskatoon neighborhood on a particularly hot summer day.

“The streets were lined with big trees, and what a difference being under those trees made!” she remembers. “The memory of cool shade, dancing leaves, and joy in the moment fit well with the feelings evoked by chords and melody.”

The song wasn’t finished, but Wendy had to leave on a trip to Europe, returning weeks later just in time to drive to the music camp the sisters attend every year. Jetlagged and unable to sleep in the little cabana they shared, Wendy had the song running through her head — complete with fresh ideas for the lyrics.

“Trish woke up, too,” Wendy says, “and, although it was 4:00 a.m., she made coffee and we set to work where we had left off weeks before.”

“From the point of ‘I love the tree I’m under,’ we explored what else could you love about a summer day,” Trish adds. “How about the dress you’re wearing? The song you’re singing? Who you’re sharing the experience with? The opportunity to love a special moment in life?”

“Love and appreciation beget more love and appreciation, and ‘This Time, This Place’ reminds us to recognize and treasure magical moments,” the pair agree. “Nothing’s better than this time, this place.”

“I love the song I’m singing, Wonder how it came to me,” comes right from the two Prairie sisters, and further confirms the organic process the duo use when making music. In a discussion around their previous release, “Sometime in September,” Trish elaborates on that process: “Our process in songwriting usually starts with a chord progression that we respond to emotionally.”

Check out “This Time, This Place” below, and stay up to date with Cameron & Crawford via their socials.

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