K-Riz releases new single, “I Don’t Trust You”

Edmonton, AB-based hip-hop artist, K-Riz has announced the release of his sophomore full-length album, Peace & Love, which is set for release on September 24, 2021.

The record’s first single, “I Don’t Trust You” was unveiled last week.

On the song about an unfaithful lover, K-Riz confronts an ex-flame’s betrayal and deception, setting his melodic raps to a tender R&B-pop bounce assisted by production from J. Deppisch and Grammy-nominated LordQuest. Juggled into his wordplay, he recounts the good with the bad. “I let her in my world, heart wear on my sleeve/Tryin’ to leave/So many ways I’ve contemplated/Now we in the sheets/Things get complicated,” he rhymes, illuminating the difficulty in letting go of a toxic relationship when you’re already emotionally invested.

“When you fall for someone, it’s hard to trust what your intuition may be telling you,” K-Riz says of the song. “You miss the red flags. You want the person you’re with to be who you think they are, even if they’re someone completely different than what you set them up to be. When trust has been broken, that’s always going to be in the back of your mind. If you can’t trust, you can’t fully love the one you’re with, even though you want to try.”

Check out “I Don’t Trust You” below, and stay up to date with K-Riz via his socials.

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