Weekly Beat Down – July 12, 2021 to July 17, 2021

Welcome everybody to another Music Monday, where we’ve got some brand new music for you to enjoy! Two songs will be facing off head-to-head for your votes at home this week. Whichever one is counting with the most votes between Monday and Saturday night, will be granted victory and move on to the next round of the competition. I will also be recommending some other articles from our website that you’ll enjoy in this edition of Zach’s Picks of the Week. I will leave them linked at the bottom of the page for you to find. But let’s get into this week’s competition cuz we’ve got some fantastic artists facing off this week.

Returning to the Beat Down for his second time after a tremendous victory in his debut last week. Luckystickz from Toronto Ontario is back with his afro-pop catchy track “Strangers”, which is coming off of his upcoming EP House Warming Party, coming out later this year and is available to stream on all platforms. So go and check it out and add it to your playlist now, but we can check out the full video for “Strangers” just down below. In case that clip in the video was not enough for you, but you better be sure to get your votes in for your favourite song after you check it out. It’s up to you at home so be sure to help your favourite artist out.

The second artist joining us this week will be also from Toronto, Ontario and brings her latest Alt-Rock single. Welcome back to the show Delyn Grey, with “Daddy’s Love” will be coming on board in the competition this week. A song intended to empower those from being affected by others negative projections onto them. No one can dictate your relationship with your passion, your loved ones and yourself. The song is available on all streaming platforms for your enjoyment, but also we’ve got the full video for you to check out right down here. But be sure to get your votes in for your favourite song this week after you check it out.

That’s going to be the two songs facing off this week so you at home better get your votes in. You need to hit the anonymous vote button every day for your favourite song, to help them win this competition. Remember this running from Monday to Saturday night so get your friends involved today. But now it’s up to you, so good luck to everybody this week.

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I hope you enjoyed the two songs facing off in the showdown this week on the Weekly Beat Down. As well as all the recommendations linked down below for you to check out. I will hopefully see you back here next week when we’ve got more brand new music from our website. Stay safe out there and is always PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC EVERYONE!

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