Samantha Schultz releases new single, “Tingle”

Canadian-Filipina singer-songwriter, Samantha Schultz has delivered a fun new bubbly pop-R&B single, “Tingle”.

The track has the sounds of summer down from the beachy guitar riff to the playful percussion beats — all brought together by Schultz’s alluring voice. It begins with a bouncy, palm-muted guitar as Samantha sings about the “funny feeling” she experiences when thinking about someone—for her, this is her husband/percussionist, Trey Macias.

“He’s my forever muse and I wanted to make a song about what I get to see every day,” Schultz says.

The track is a nice blend of contemporary R&B with a modern pop touch that, together, reveals a starry-eyed earnestness and feel-good rhythm perfect for the warming weather. It’s a different direction than Schultz’s last couple releases, the piano ballad “The Quiet,” and the smoother, jazz-inspired “Together Alone.”

“I’ve had this song completed for a few years now and am so excited for its feel-good energy to finally be shared just in time for this highly anticipated summer,” she says.

“Tingle” also has an accompanying music video featuring Schultz and Macias in their natural element as a couple: playing music and having fun together. The different backdrops provide a huge splash of color that contrasts her last two releases, which parallels the sonic change as well. The pair switches from one colored background to the next, changing outfits to match while using their instruments as a fun focal point of the video.

“I wanted to show people the fun and goofy parts of me that are usually hidden under a layer of self-preservation and anxiety. Trey has always helped bring out those parts of me and has shown me how important it is to be silly and not care what anyone thinks,” Samantha says.

Watching the “Tingle” music video, it is apparent Samantha and Trey’s love for each other runs deep. By having a real-life love story at the center of the video and lyrical content, viewers won’t be able to help but embrace the feel-good vibes emanating from this vibrant, light-hearted display of love and music.

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with Samantha via her socials.

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