Shannon Dooks releases video for “Doubts”

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter Shannon Dooks has released her new single, “Doubts”, along with a music video to accompany the release.

Landing ahead of this year’s forthcoming release, Do It Again, which is set for release this Summer,

“we wanted to capture the very private moments of a woman going through a breakup, and how she copes with it all,” Dooks says of the official visual’s concept. “We wanted to weave through some relatable, light-hearted moments, as well as underlying tones of realness.

“Ultimately, the video embodies how I work through my own self-care after cutting ties with someone who consistently let me down.”

Shot and directed by Nick Posthumus (Midnight Vesta), Dooks nods to the joys and creative sparks of working amongst friends on the project.

“It was a real, true pleasure working with such insanely talented friends,” she shares. “Nick is a long-time friend of mine, and we frequently collaborate, write, and perform music together. Evan Henderson edited the final cut, and also worked all the VHS and vintage elements of the shoot. Morgan O’Grady did my makeup, as well as for Alyssa Giddings, Rosemary Moore, and herself for the ‘ladies’ portion of the shoot.”

Picking a once-thriving connection apart once it turns dubious, and acknowledging the signs can be a tough experience, the song was penned by Rosanne Baker Thornley, and produced by UK-based producer Will Schollar.

Everything from the innocent piano intro to the mellow rhythm sections that follow, the arrangements send the notion of a fond farewell wrapped in a melodic package. The message within is signed, sealed, and delivered by Shannon Dooks’s harmonious and smooth vocal style.

As light as the single sounds, the weight within the lyrics denotes a tipping point in a crumbling relationship. According to Dooks,

“it’s that feeling of constantly putting in effort into the relationship, and each broken promise is that much more devastating as it goes on…

“And then you finally reach a breaking point.”

The introductory lyrics in the first verse of “Doubts” perfectly summarizes the singer’s insight: “Don’t write, don’t text, don’t call, don’t do anything at all.” Further reinforcing the message are the closing lyrics of the first verse: “You tell me go, you tell me stay, you tell me leave, but don’t tell me what I should believe.”

Check out the video for “Doubts” below, and stay up to date with Shannon via her socials.

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